Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)

Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)
Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)
Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)Ajax DoorProtect G3 Fibra ASP, White (61340)



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Part Number:  AJ-61340
Brand:  Ajax
Category  Opening Detectors
Range  Fibra


Fibra can only be activated by engineers who have completed the Ajax Fibra training course

DoorProtect G3 Fibra is designed to detect intrusion and burglary attempts, offering comprehensive coverage for doors, windows, skylights, and vaults. The detector is equipped with two reed switches as opening sensors and a magnetometer for protection against magnet spoofing. Two sizes of magnets provide more mounting options. The device also identifies shock and tilt with a built-in accelerometer, protecting the facility even when windows are in airing mode. All in line with the Ajax user experience, ensuring quick and easy installation of the device. 

Future-proof hardware 

• Two reed switches
• Accelerometer
• Holding screw to secure the detector’s casing
• Removable device board 
• Tamper against casing disassembling
• Tamper against detaching the detector from the surface
• Fixing points for mounting the detector
• Perforated parts for wire routing

No intruder goes unnoticed

High-end reed switches for reliable opening detection 

DoorProtect G3 Fibra features two durable reed switches with a minimum service life of 1,000,000 openings, guaranteeing decades of trouble-free operation. Housed in resilient plastic capsules, these switches remain intact even in cases of drops or transportation, ensuring the detector’s effective functionality irrespective of magnet placement. 

• Reed switch service life exceeds 1,000,000 openings
• Effective detection wherever the magnet is placed — left or right
• Plastic capsules for protecting reed switches during transportation 

Magnetometer prevents sabotage 

The integrated high-end magnetometer records local magnetic field data during calibration, allowing the sensor to identify and monitor the installed magnet. Immediate alarms are triggered by any changes in the magnetic field, providing protection against magnet spoofing. The straightforward calibration process and adjustment of sensitivity levels in the app ensure precise interference detection and eliminate false alarms. Plastic spacers in the mounting kit reduce the impact of metal surfaces when the detector is installed, for example, on the vault door. 

• Magnetometer for interference detection
• Calibration of the magnetometer for high accuracy
• Plastic spacers for mitigating interference from metal surfaces 

Immediate detection of threats 

The built-in accelerometer responds swiftly to shocks, detecting potential burglary attempts such as door forcing and vault breaking. The shock sensor has three levels of sensitivity, which can be adjusted to match the secured facility specifics. The detector can also ignore a single impact to minimize the risk of false alarms triggered by external factors. Whether there are vibrations from neighboring constructions or heavy passing traffic, the installer can choose the most appropriate settings for accurate detection. 

• Early identification of threats through shock detection
• Three sensitivity levels
• Single shock ignoring to prevent false alarms 

Windows protection in an airing mode 

The built-in accelerometer is designed to protect open windows, seamlessly adapting to diverse facility requirements. Installers can select a normal tilt angle for doors or windows, ranging from 5 to 25 degrees. The system swiftly detects even the slightest deviations from the usual position and provides customisable tilt detection durations, ranging from 1 second to 1 minute. In case the tilt angle surpasses the specified threshold for an extended period, the system raises an alarm.  

• Tilt detection
• Selection of the normal tilt angle
• Adjustable time of alarm 

Enhanced security with additional detectors 

DoorProtect G3 Fibra has terminals for connecting any third-party wired NC detector, enhancing the reliability of the entire system. For example, an installer can integrate an additional detector operating on a different principle, such as a roller shutter motion detector. When connected to DoorProtect G3 Fibra, it promptly responds to alarms from detectors and cable breakage³. 

Use a detector as a doorbell 

The Chime feature transforms the combination of an Ajax opening detector and Ajax siren into a shopkeeper's bell. When the system is disarmed, the siren notifies about door openings with one of four available short beep patterns. Pro users can choose the volume of sound, and different patterns can be assigned for separate entrances, making it easy to recognize whether someone entered through the main or a back door. 

Door opening sound signals 

• Setting up signals for different security groups
• Customizable signals for separate entrances 

System supervision 

All Ajax devices perform automatic self-diagnosis and report their states to the hub. Essential parameters, including tamper, communication, power supply, and sensor statuses, are continuously monitored. The Ajax Cloud server controls communication between the hub and Ajax apps, ensuring instant notifications for ARCs, security companies, and users. In case of any malfunction or communication failure, an engineer is promptly informed to provide necessary services. 

• Automatic device self-diagnosis with status report
• Regular polling to display the current device state on apps
• Instant maintenance notifications 

Unique wired technology 

An Ajax system uses secure two-way communication based on Fibra proprietary protocol. It features encryption and device authentication to prevent sabotage, spoofing, and data theft. Fibra lines are versatile and support connecting different types of devices to one line: sirens, keypads, and detectors with photo verification. 

• Up to 2,000 m of wired communication with a hub or a module that extends the Fibra line2
• One line for different types of devices
• Photo delivery via Fibra line without interference
• Protection against sabotage and spoofing 

Energy efficiency as a priority 

Fibra communication requires minimum power consumption, with the module consuming only up to 0.035 W at its peak. Fibra operates on the TDMA principle. Each device has a short time frame to exchange data with a hub, and its communication module remains inactive the rest of the time. This significantly reduces power consumption and helps avoid interferences even when multiple devices communicate simultaneously. 

• Detector power consumption is up to 0.035 W
• TDMA and power-saving modes 

Sabotage resistance 

Tamper alarm 

Despite its compact size, the detector enclosure contains two tampers. The first one triggers an alert when the detector front panel is removed. The second one activates if there’s an attempt to detach the detector from the surface. If a thief tries to do something with the detector, the system will immediately notify the security company and users about the incident. 

Magnet spoofing alarm 

The detector features a built-in high-end magnetometer that constantly monitors the magnetic field surrounding it. It promptly notifies users and the CMS in case of interference. It is impossible to trick the detector with a powerful magnet without the system noticing it.  

Authentication against detector spoofing 

During each communication session, the hub authenticates the device using its unique parameters. If any parameter fails the authentication check, the hub ignores device commands. 

Protection against short circuits 

Fibra protocol, combined with a special digital algorithm, provides reliable protection against unnoticed short-circuiting of the device. If someone tries to short-circuit it, the device will notify of a malfunction. The hub informs both the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and users about the incident. 

Encryption of transmitted data 

All data the system stores and transmits is protected by block encryption featuring a dynamic key. This encryption deters intentional sabotage attempts on the detector.  

Regular polling 

The device regularly exchanges data with the hub. At minimal polling settings (3 data packages in 12 seconds), it takes just 36 seconds to detect communication loss and notify both the security company and users about the incident. 

Data-rich notifications 

Both the monitoring station and security system users instantly receive notifications about events. The information provided includes time, device name, event type, and room location⁴. 

PRO is king 

The myth about wired systems being difficult to install is busted. Ajax minimized an expensive, long, and dusty experience for PROs by developing an ultimate set of tools to make the process easy and flexible, from project design to client support and system maintenance. Everything for smooth and quick installation is included. Intuitive Ajax apps help make the device a part of the system, and each device can be reconfigured remotely at any moment. No need for programmers — everything is available out of the box. 


The installation kit includes all the necessary fasteners. The device board is removable, which makes the connection process more comfortable. For cable management, there are bracings inside the casing and several perforated parts for cable routing. 

• Removable device board
• All the necessary fasteners included in the installation kit
• Holding screw to secure the device on a mounting panel 


Intuitive Ajax apps provide remote set-up and testing with all device information from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. An installer can remotely change the settings and provide services promptly without visiting the object.  

• Configuration and testing remotely or on site
iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows apps
• Accounts for companies and installers 


The device is paired with the hub automatically via Fibra line scanning. This tool is available in the desktop or mobile PRO apps. An installer only needs to name the device and assign it to the room and security group. The device can also be added by scanning the QR code or entering its ID manually. 

• Pairing with a hub via automatic line scanning or QR code
• Device identification via triggering or LED indication
• Optimal default settings to cover major requests 


An Ajax system transmits alarms to the PRO Desktop monitoring app or any third-party CMS. The security company receives an alarm notification in less than a second. Notifications include all the necessary information: name of the device, time of the event, and the exact room where the device is located. The security company also receives photo or video verification, capturing the reason for the alarm. 

• Full addressability of connected devices
• Instant in-app notifications 
• Alarm and event monitoring through Ajax PRO Desktop or third-party CMS 

Through our logistic partners we are able to deliver to most areas in the UK on a next business day service.
Our standard cut off time on the website for standard next day delivery is 4pm but you will still be able to call our sales team anytime up to 5pm to place an order.
We also offer a premium next day pre 12pm and pre 10:30am service to these areas as well as a Saturday and Saturday pre 10:30am delivery. For areas outside of here, such as the Highlands, Isle of Man and Channel islands we are able to provide a 2 business day service.

For orders outside of the UK please call +44 (0)1438 909168 to speak to a member of the team who will be able to assist you.

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