Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 3E Burglar Alarm Bell Box (FCC-0843)

Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 3E Burglar Alarm Bell Box (FCC-0843)



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Part Number:  TX-FCC-0843
Brand:  Texecom


Texecom Premier Elite 3E Burglar Alarm Bell Box 

Sleek hexagonal exterior sounder built for optimal reliability at an affordable price. In a security conscious market, the Odyssey 3E exterior bell box combines security sounder technology and high reliability. The Odyssey 3E fits well with even the most rigorous systems, with installer friendly installation and maintenance you are guaranteed performance.

Key Features

-115dB Volume

-IP65 Environmental Protection

-Patented Safety Engineer Hold-Off Mode

-Advanced Microprocessor Technology

-Screw, Lid and Wall Tamper

-Polycarbonate and Metal Construction

-Twin Piezo Sounders

-Selectable SAB/SCB Mode

-Strobe Tuber Saver

-Twin Alternating LEDs

-PD6662:2017 Grade 3 Class IV 

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