Ajax Relay ASP, Black (38204)

Ajax Relay ASP, Black (38204)
Ajax Relay ASP, Black (38204)Ajax Relay ASP, Black (38204)Ajax Relay ASP, Black (38204)Ajax Relay ASP, Black (38204)

Part Number:  AJ-38204
Brand:  Ajax
Category  Automation


Radio Channel Controller for remote Control of Low Current equipment. It is used to activate Electric locks, Gates and swing Gates, rolling shutters and blinds, and to restart modems and routers. The Device Controls Electric Power Supply by means of Relay, which closes and opens the dry contact. Operates from 7—24 V DC voltage sources. The dry contact is not galvanically connected to the Device itself. The Device is installed in junction Boxes, distribution boards, and Enclosures of Switching Units.

• Potential-free contacts
• Up to 1,000 m of two-way encrypted wireless communication with hub or range extender
• Device is controlled via mobile and desktop apps or manually with the device function button
• Executes automation scenarios
• Operates in bistable or pulse mode. Adjustable pulse duration: from 1 to 255 seconds
• Pairing with a hub via QR code

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