AirShield FAQs

27 March 2024  |  Admin

AirShield FAQs

Since we started selling the AirShield range of alarms we have had so much interest. With this interest there has been plenty of questions that have been asked. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions, and their corresponding answers to help you to decide if you want to test them out or find out more about them.

What is the benefit?

These are primarily aimed at medium and small commercial premises but also work great on residential installations due to how quickly you can set a full system up. As there is no cabling required for each of the detectors not only are you saving on time running cables but also there is less risk in damaging furnishings.  

Is the app free?

Yes. If you’ve used any of the SPRO CCTV range you will be pleased to hear that the AirShield Alarm range uses the same App. This means that you can control all your alarms and monitor your CCTV all from the same place.

Is the sim card included with the hub?

There is no sim card included with the Hub but any low cost sim with data will suffice.

What types of PIR do you have?

For standard detectors we have 3 main models, a standard PIR, a PIR camera and a Dual-Tech Detector with the outdoor models soon to arrive. Along with these types of PIR’s we also have door contacts, glass break detectors and even water leak detectors.



Is AirShield Graded?

Yes, the AirShield alarm systems has achieved EN50131 Grade 2 and are compliant with PD6662: 2017 meaning that your customers will be well protected.

How does it work?

The AirShield system is straightforward to setup. Simply register the hub on the app and start installing your detectors using the QR codes that are on the back of each device. These devices will then communicate with the hub using secure RF signals. The settings will be configured on the app and once configured your customer can arm/disarm using the app a configured key-fobs or keypad.

Is it Hybrid? (can you add hardwired devices)

The AirShield alarm range is a fully wireless system. The exception to this is that you are able to integrate part of a wired system back into the AirShield. So if your customer has expensive external beam detectors you can connect these to the system using a wireless input expander that in effect makes the wired part of the old system wireless.


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