Ajax System Product Lines: Superior, Baseline, and Fibra

5 July 2024

Ajax System Product Lines: Superior, Baseline, and Fibra

In the security industry, providing your clients with the best options to safeguard their properties is paramount. Ajax Systems offers a diverse range of security solutions designed to meet various needs. Here, we explore the key differences between Ajax's Superior, Baseline, and Fibra product lines, so you can better serve your clients and meet their unique security requirements.

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Deciding between the Superior, Baseline, and Fibra product lines depends on the specific security requirements for the job. Here’s a quick overview on each range:


  Ajax Systems Superior Range  

Ajax Superior: Premium Security Solutions for Large-Scale Installations

Luxrite - Ajax Superior Range          

The Superior line represents the pinnacle of Ajax Systems' offerings, ideal for clients who require advanced security features and extensive coverage. This range can only be activated by approved engineers - speak to a member of our team to get approved.

Key Features:
• Advanced Wireless Technology: Leverages Jeweller wireless technology, known for exceptional reliability and robustness.
• Extended Range: Boasts a communication range of up to 2,000 meters in open space, perfect for larger properties.
• Long Battery Life: Devices in this line feature batteries lasting up to 7 years, ensuring minimal maintenance.
• High-End Functionality: Includes innovative features such as photo verification of alarms and extensive support for automation devices.
• Wide Device Compatibility: Compatible with a broad range of devices including motion detectors, fire detectors, water leak detectors, and automation tools.

Ideal For:
• Large commercial and industrial installations
• Properties requiring sophisticated security features
• Clients seeking long-term, low-maintenance solutions

Product List:
Ajax MotionCam S (Ph0D) Jeweller (8PD) (67730)
Ajax Keypad Plus S (70225)
Ajax CombiProtect S (67728)
Ajax DoorProtect S Plus (67736)

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  Ajax Systems Baseline Range  

Ajax Baseline: Reliable Security for Everyday Business Needs

The Baseline line offers dependable security solutions, encompassing all essential features required for protecting medium-sized properties.

Key Features:
• Proven Wireless Technology: Utilises the same Jeweller wireless technology as the Superior line, optimised for medium-sized installations.
• Moderate Range: Provides a communication range of up to 1,000 meters in open space, suitable for medium-sized areas.
• Good Battery Life: Devices in this line offer up to 5 years of battery life, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
• Essential Functionality: Different devices to cover fundamental security needs, including intrusion detection, fire detection, and flood detection.
• Standard Device Support: Compatible with a comprehensive array of Ajax devices.

Ideal For:
• Medium-sized commercial properties
• Residential complexes
• Clients looking for robust, essential security features

Product List:
Ajax SpaceControl (22967)
Ajax GlassProtect (22982)
Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck (22904)
Ajax ReX (22929)
Ajax KeyPad Touch Screen (58454)
Ajax MotionCam Outdoor (26102)

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  Ajax Systems Fibra Range  

Ajax Fibra: Unmatched Reliability with Wired Technology

Luxrite - Ajax Superior Range           

The Fibra line uses wired technology, delivering exceptional reliability and security for environments where wireless may not suffice. Fibra can only be activated by engineers who have completed the Ajax Fibra training course.

Key Features:
• Wired Technology: Ensures stable and secure communication between devices and the hub.
• Unlimited Range: Wired setup eliminates the range limitations typical of wireless systems.
• Maintenance-Free: As devices are hard-wired, there is no need for battery replacements.
• High Security: Wired connections offering Grade 3 enhanced security protection.
• Comprehensive Functionality: Supports various security and automation features, ensuring robust protection.

Ideal For:
• Commercial properties
• Environments prone to wireless interference
• Users who prefer the reliability of wired connections

Product List:
Ajax Fibra DoorProtect Plus (46704)
Ajax Fibra LineSplit - 4 Way (56525)
Ajax MultiRelay Fibra (64932)
Ajax MultiTrasnmitter Fibra ASP (46719)
Ajax Fibra MotionCam PhOD Camera PIR (53768)
Ajax Fibra Hub Hybrid (4G), Control Panel (56706)

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Each Ajax System line offers unique benefits, ensuring that there is a perfect solution for every security need.
Whether you prioritise advanced features, essential protection, or robust reliability, Ajax Systems and Luxrite has you covered.

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