16 February 2023
Our first training day of 2023

We’ve had an incredible start to 2023, with a packed training session that saw everyone pass with flying colours! It's fantastic to see so many professionals dedicated to maintaining and enhancing their knowledge in the field.


If you want to upgrade your skills and stay ahead of the game, you won't want to miss our upcoming training events. Not only will you gain invaluable knowledge and tips, but you'll also receive discounted trade pricing, and be added to our exclusive “Preferred Installer List” - giving you first access to end user leads.


For more information on attending one of our upcoming events (dates TBA), give our sales advisors a call on 01438 909 168. We'd love to see you there!

23 November 2022  |  Admin
Our latest training day  all installers passed with flying colours!

Congratulations to everyone who attended our recent training day! You all did a great job. It's awesome to have such passionate and dedicated professionals in our industry.
If you missed out on this training day, don't worry - we'll have more training dates announced in the new year.
If you're interested in attending then please call 01438 909 168 to speak to one of our advisors for more information. We hope to see you there!

25 July 2022  |  Admin
Summer CCTV Training Days

Summer CCTV Training Days

Several installers attended our summer training dates in June and July. Our training days normally take place every two months.

25 July 2022  |  Admin
Golden Ticket

Are you one of the lucky recipients of a Golden Ticket?

20 May 2022  |  Admin
Demonstrating AI Technology at LRN

We recently visited LRN to discuss new additions to the SPRO range and demonstrate the latest AI technology.

We delight in discussing the many advantages of SPRO systems and answering any questions people may have about the range...

20 May 2022  |  Admin
In-person training at Eurosat

We’re always pleased to provide training and we recently had the opportunity to do this in-person (a rare opportunity in recent years).

When SPRO was welcomed into Eurosat to deliver our industry-leading training to some of their customers.
We believe in supporting our wholesale partners so that they can continue to deliver top-notch service and support...

30 March 2022  |  Admin
Open day on Prince Electronic

Many thanks to Prince Electronic Supplies Ltd for inviting us to their open day on Tuesday.

We love demonstrating SPRO products and answering any questions people have about the range.
We're also grateful to all the new installers that joined us to learn about SPRO and of course the current SPRO installers and the feedback they provided.

26 January 2022  |  Admin
Making a difference in the community.

Like so many right now, SPRO has been looking for a way to help.

That's why on the 24th of January, SPRO representatives donated one of their body temperature systems to TRACKS Autism - a specialist learning centre for children with an autistic spectrum condition. Whilst the challenges that autistic children face are unique to the individual, it was common for those attending TRACKS to find the temperature-taking process particularly difficult...

22 December 2021  |  Admin
Training Days are back

After nearly two years of not being able to offer in-person training, Luxrite was finally able to get back to doing what they do best. 

This December, we welcomed a group of installers committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in CCTV, to spend the day learning from our experienced trainers...