Luxrite's Newest Addition in Home Security: The Dahua Airshield Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

17 November 2023  |  Admin

Luxrite's Newest Addition in Home Security: The Dahua Airshield Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

This comprehensive range of high-performance security products seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics for modern homes. In this post, we'll delve into the specifics of each product and explore how they collectively redefine security, convenience, and effectiveness.

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The Versatile Hub
Connectivity Redefined

DHI-ARC3000H-W2(868) / DHI-ARC3000H-GW2(868) / DHI-ARC3000H-FW2(868) / NEW: DHI-ARC3800H-FW2(868)

At the heart of the Dahua alarm system is the versatile hub, available in multiple variants.

It offers diverse connectivity options, including Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, and 2G, ensuring reliable communication even during primary connection outages. Installation is incredibly user-friendly; after the hub is hardwired for power, all other components connect wirelessly, simplifying the setup process. This hub supports up to 150 devices and boasts a communication range of up to 2000 metres in open areas.

Product Links:
• NEW : 
Dahua 4G Alarm Hub 2 (DHI-ARC3800H-FW2(868))

• Dahua WiFi Alarm Hub (DHI-ARC3000H-W2(868))

• Dahua 2G Alarm Hub (DHI-ARC3000H-GW2(868))

• Dahua 4G Alarm  (DHI-ARC3000H-FW2(868))

Door Contacts
Enhanced Security at Entry Points

DHI-ARD323-W2(868S) / DHI-ARD324-W2(868) / DA-ARD324-W2-868S

Dahua offers two types of door contacts: Standard and "Door Protect Plus".

While both communicate the door's status to the hub and DMSS app, the latter includes a built-in shock sensor for extra security, alerting users of any forced entry attempts. These detectors feature a discreet profile and a battery life of about 4 years, making them a reliable and unobtrusive security solution.

Product Links:

• Dahua Small Wireless Door Detector (DHI-ARD323-W2(868S))

• Dahua Wireless Door Detector Plus (DHI-ARD324-W2(868))

Dahua Wireless Door Detector Plus (DHI-ARD324-W2(868S))

• Dahua Wireless Door Detector (DHI-ARD323-W2(868))

PIR Detectors and PIRCAM
Advanced Motion Detection

DHI-ARD2231-W2(868)  / DHI-ARD1731-W2(868)  / DHI-ARD1233-W2(868) / DHI-ARD2251E-W2(868V)

The PIR detectors come in standard and dual-tech variants, ideal for environments with fluctuating temperatures and lighting.

The dual-tech version combines PIR with microwave detection to minimise false alarms. The PIRCAM, an innovative addition, captures snapshots upon motion detection, offering a visual record of any detected movement directly accessible via the DMSS app.

Product Links:

Dahua AirShield Wireless External PIR Detector with Camera Built-in (DHI-ARD2251E-W2(868V))

• Dahua Dual-Tech PIR Detector (DHI-ARD2231-W2(868))

• Dahua Wireless PIR Detector (DHI-ARD1233-W2(868))

• Dahua Wireless PIR Detector With Built-in Camera (DHI-ARD1731-W2(868))

Smoke Detectors
Intelligent Fire Safety


Dahua's wireless smoke detectors are equipped with split-spectrum technology and can be silenced remotely for convenience.

These detectors sound their internal siren and any other sirens connected to the hub, offering a comprehensive alert system.

Product Link:

Dahua Smoke Detector (DHI-HY-SA21A-W2(868))

Glass Break Detector
Meticulous Intrusion Detection


The Glass Break Detector is an additional layer of security, capable of detecting various types of glass breakages and sending instant notifications through the DMSS app.

Product Link:

• Dahua Glass Break Detector (DHI-ARD512-W2(868))

Internal and External Sirens
Audible Alerts Throughout

DHI-ARA12-W2(868) DHI-ARA13-W2(868B)

The Internal Sirens ensure alarms are heard within the property, especially useful if external alarms are located far from key areas.

The External Siren is more traditional, with an interchangeable LED panel for enhanced visibility and effectiveness.

Product Link:

• Dahua Internal Siren (DHI-ARA12-W2(868))

Dahua External, Siren Blue (DHI-ARA13-W2(868B))

Extending the Reach


These devices are designed to strengthen the signal between devices and the hub, ensuring reliable communication across larger areas. They are powered by a 12V PSU and include a backup battery.

Product Link:

Dahua Alarm Repeater (DHI-ARA43-W2(868))

Fobs and Panic Buttons
Control at Your Fingertips

DHI-ARA24-W2(868) / DHI-ARD822-W2(868)-B

The system can be controlled easily using fobs, which include a panic button for emergencies.

The wall-mountable panic button activates the alarm system when both buttons are pressed, designed to avoid accidental activation.

Product Links:

• Dahua Alarm Keyfob (DHI-ARA24-W2(868))

• Dahua Dual Panic Button with Bracket (DHI-ARD822-W2(868)-B)

Convenient Access and Emergency Response


The keypad offers easy access via a built-in card reader and features distinct panic buttons for various emergencies.

With a battery life of around 3 years, the keypad is a reliable component of the security system, requiring minimal maintenance.

The keypad allows for entry using either an MI fare card or a PIN code, offering flexibility based on user preference or security requirements.

Product Link:

• Dahua Alarm Keypad (DHI-ARK30T-W2(868))

Water Detectors
Preventing Water Damage


Installed in high-risk areas, these detectors send immediate notifications upon contact with water, making them an essential tool for leak prevention.

Designed for a hassle-free setup, they can be placed in critical areas without the need for complex wiring or technical expertise.

Product Link:

• Dahua Water Leak Detector (DHI-ARD912-W2(868D))

Seamless Integration with DMSS App

The DMSS app is pivotal for easy setup and seamless control of the security system, allowing users to arm entire areas and check the status of individual devices.


Comprehensive Kits for Every Need

Dahua AirShield 4G Alarm Kit with Keyfobs (DHI-ALARMKIT-WITHKEYFOBS-V2)

Dahua AirShield 4G Alarm Kit with Keypad (DHI-ALARMKIT-WITHKEYPADS-V2)

Dahua WiFi Alarm Kit (DHI-ART-ARC3000H-03-W2(868))

Dahua 4G Alarm Kit (DHI-ART-ARC3000H-03-FW2(868))

Dahua 2G Alarm Kit (DHI-ART0ARC3000H-03-GW2(868))

Dahua Alarm Kit with Keypad (DHI-ALARMKIT-WithKeypad)

Dahua Alarm Kit with Keyfobs (DHI-ALARMKIT-WithKeyfobs)

Luxrite offers Dahua wireless alarm kits, each a complete package designed to meet various security needs, from simple setups to robust systems.

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Security and Convenience in Harmony

With the Dahua Airshield Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, Luxrite reaffirms its commitment to providing advanced, user-friendly security solutions. 

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